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JobStreet by SEEK ID


Job Scope

Public Relations


Ongoing retainer since July 2023


Mutant provides strategic consultation, media engagement, and monthly reporting for JobStreet by SEEK in Indonesia. Our services include managing media inquiries, enhancing media engagement, and building robust media relations. We also help organise quarterly press conferences and media briefings, and curate diverse thought-leadership pieces to position JobStreet by SEEK as an industry leader.


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earned media coverage
PR coverage in Q1
leading position in share of voice


  • Achieved over 600 pieces of earned media coverage, with 73% attributed to PR efforts
  • Secured multiple top-tier media interviews with key JobStreet personnel, including coverage in Kumparan, Kompas, CNBC Indonesia, Kontan, and Bisnis Indonesia
  • Established strong media relations with top-tier national and general media
  • Maintained a leading position for JobStreet's Share of Voice among competitors by 61.33%

In Q1 2024,
  • Generated a total of 314 pieces of overall PR coverage
  • Obtained PR value of more than IDR26 billion, and IDR5 billion in media reach