Nurturing Media Relations During Ramadhan Month: A Guide to Culturally Effective Media Engagement

Ramadan, which began this month, is one of the most significant religious events in Indonesia – and is often considered a great time to reach consumers who are on the lookout for great deals during this period. Less tangibly, it is also a great time for businesses to strengthen their media relations by embracing the values and spirit of this sacred time. 

In this piece, we delve into the strategies and approaches that can help businesses effectively build media relations during Ramadan, fostering trust, understanding, and meaningful connections, bringing it to life with actual case studies. 

Tailor themes and content 

One of the key aspects of building media relations during Ramadan is tailoring content to resonate with the themes and values of this holy month. During this time, brands must consider incorporating themes of compassion, community, and reflection into their media pitches and content. 

Highlight how your organisation’s values align with those of Ramadan, whether it’s through seasonal campaign initiatives, community projects, or promoting unity and togetherness. By weaving these themes into your messaging, you can create content that not only captures the spirit of Ramadan but also resonates deeply with your audience and the media.

Build genuine relationships

Building authentic relationships with journalists and editors is essential for effective engagement all year long, but especially during Ramadan.  

To achieve this, brands and businesses must take the opportunity to learn more about our media friends and be more relevant. Rather than having a generic media list, create one that’s targeted and relevant to your business – and then reach out to them with thoughtful Ramadan-related hampers, and meaningful story ideas. 

For example, JobStreet, a leading career platform in Indonesia, seized the opportunity to connect with the media through an intimate media gathering during Ramadan. By having the company’s CEO and top executives share important news updates while breaking their fast with the media, the company was able to greater camaraderie and open new doors. To build on those relationships, JobStreet also curated special PR hampers as a token of the company’s appreciation. 

COO of Jobstreet by SEEK, Indonesia, in conversation with Indonesian media friends

Businesses and organisations have a unique opportunity to build media relations while embracing the values and spirit of this sacred time. By tailoring content to resonate with Ramadan themes and building meaningful relationships, businesses can effectively strengthen their media relationships. As we embark on this journey together, let us embrace the spirit of Ramadan and nurture meaningful connections that endure beyond the holy month.

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